Investor Relations

Investor Relations Policy

AQARAT aims to provide clear, fair and balanced disclosure of material information to its investor community in a timely and effective manner. Our investor relations policies outline the practices adopted by the company to ensure equitable access to information for stock analysts as well as current and prospective investors of AQARAT’s securities.

Disclosure of Material Information

AQARAT discloses material information as appropriate in a transparent and timely manner, in compliance with the CMA and Boursa Kuwait regulations.

AQARAT Investors Relation shall ensure publishing all disclosures and announcements in Arabic and English.

Voluntary Disclosure

AQARAT also discloses general corporate information other than material information, when it is deemed it may have a material impact on the investment decisions of shareholders and investors, as rapidly and transparently as possible.

Disclosure Methods

To ensure fair disclosure to shareholders and investors, material information is disclosed via the methods stipulated by the regulations of the CMA and Boursa Kuwait. Additionally, all such information is promptly posted on AQARAT’s website.

Information falling outside the scope of material information is disclosed via news releases and the Company’s quarterly information meetings, and is also posted on our website. AQARAT reserves the right not to respond to enquiries regarding certain information related to competitiveness or privileged information that the company has a duty to protect.

Designated Spokespersons

In order to ensure consistency, all inquiries and requests from the investor community are directed to AQARAT’s Head of Investor Relations. Communications with our investor community may be conducted by the following individuals:

  • Chairman and Vice Chairman
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Head of Investor Relations

The above individuals may occasionally be supported by other members of executive management or representatives from Investor Relations.

Quarterly Quiet Periods

The period beginning on the quarter-end date and ending when the earnings is released for that specified quarter. This period is referred to as a quarterly quiet period with no business discussions by management with analysts or investors. Authorized executives will not meet with members of the investment community to discuss company financial and/or operational results. Fact-based questions may be answered by authorized spokespersons or investor relations personnel to analysts and investors upon request. Exceptions are based on AQARAT’s discretion.

Analysts’ Conference

Investor Relations shall hold an analyst conference on quarterly basis within five days after the issuance of interim and annual financial statements. The announcement of the financial statements shall include the date of analyst conference and the presentation prepared for the conference.

The analyst conference transcript shall be disclosed in both Arabic and English within three days from date of the conference.

Analyst & Investor Meetings

The Company welcomes requests by analysts and institutional investors for meetings with Investor Relations for the purpose of helping them to gain a broader understanding of the Company's businesses and operating fundamentals. Any discussions at such meetings will be based on publicly available information.

Access to Senior Management / Executive Management

Requests from shareholders, investors or analysts for meetings with management shall be met as schedules may permit. All such meeting requests should be directed to Head of Investor Relations. As the primary responsibility of senior management is to manage the business, we cannot accommodate every request for direct access to senior management. If senior management is unavailable, access to the Head of Investor Relations will be provided where possible.

Roadshows and Conferences

Roadshows to major financial centers are arranged periodically to meet shareholders and investors. The company may also participate in conferences hosted by stockbrokers and investment banks. Requests from brokerages/banks will be met as schedules permit.

Annual Shareholders Meeting

Investor Relations shall ensure proper arrangement, and smooth running of the annual shareholders meetings, in liaison with the concerned departments within AQARAT. Also, Investor Relations shall ensure minimum quorum is met by sending invitations to all investors and making sure of their attendance.