IFA Hotels & Resorts

Listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange, IFA Hotels & Resorts (IFA HR) is a worldwide leader in the development of mixed-use hotel and residential resort projects as well as luxury leisure services.

IFA HR projects span the Middle East, Singapore, UK, USA and South Africa and Portugal.

Aqarat owns 8.26% in IFA Hotels and Resorts K.P.S.C.



Yotel New York

Pearl Habara Farms Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aqarat and was initially established to acquire two almond farms in California, USA. The farms were sold in 2012 and net lease properties were acquired from the sales proceeds of the farms.

Going forward, PHF Inc. will serve as the investment arm of Aqarat in the United States.

Commercial Real-Estate Co.

Commercial Real Estate Company is a leading real estate company established in 1968 in Kuwait with numerous commercial, office and residential complexes in Kuwait as well as investments in the Gulf Region.



Other Investments

Aqarat has a diversified investments across various industrial sectors. Some of the company’s investments include investment in Pearls of Kuwait Real Estate Company ( La’ala Kuwait ),National Slaughterhouse Company, Kuwait Building Material and Manufacturing Company, Al Nawadi Holding Company, Gulf Bank, Arzan Financial Group for financing and investment, Al Wafir for marketing services etc.